Fondation Reniers
Fondation Reniers

Welcome to this website, showcasing the work of Tony RENIERS.

Reniers left behind a significant body of work, from impressionist paintings to playful sketches.

It was his world: painting and sketching with no affectation! Nothing was more precious to him than time spent dissecting the world, taking it all in and then setting down his impressions on paper or canvas.

He did not enjoy being in the spotlight and had no interest in the business side of things. For him, his sole driving forces were his enthusiasm and passion.

The Tony Reniers Foundation is using this website to present a retrospective of his work.

Various images from his work will always be on display here. His work will also be examined with greater innovative focus on a regular basis.

We will keep you informed of the latest events.

Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the colours of happiness so amply present in his work.